Flood protection - sandless flood bags

Use them to build barriers and dams – quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait until it floods you! Stock up in time!


  • Protecting of property against flooding
  • Regulating of water flow during flooding, torrential rains or snow melting: parking lots, buildings, constructions, roads, wells
  • Water removal from flooded areas: cellars, garages, underground, excavations, playgrounds, golf resorts
  • Liquidation of ecological accidents (oil, diesel oil and other chemicals)


  • Quick preparation – up to ten minutes
  • Always at hand – simple storage in a small space
  • Simple and easy manipulation – also for physically weaker persons.
  • Multiple usage – up to 5x
  • Enviromental friendly – uncontaminated filling can be dissolved in soil
  • Top quality – specially woven cover with closeable pores does not let water out

Anti-flood sacks AquaBagStop versus sand bags

AquaBagStop bagsSand bags
Storage in a small space, quick preparation for use in case of emergency - up to 10 min.The need for more people to fill, transfer and place sacks. It requires more time.
Easy handling - weight of bag with absorbed liquid is max. 15 kg. 2-chamber bags have special metal eyelets for better manipulation.Uncomfortable handling - high weight, more physically stronger people needed.
Multiple usage - up to 5 times when proper dryed and storaged. After use, in case of uncontaminated water, the filling can be incorporated into the soil. Single use - the need for disposal, transport to landfill after the flood water has fallen.
3 times lower investment for property protection (at maximum utilization).Higher financial, personnel and time costs.
Clean handling, do not pollute the surrounding area, no fine particles leak out from bags during the water flow. The sand contains dirt that is washed out of sand bags by water flow.

1-chamber sack

in dry condition

  • Height 1cm
  • Weight 0,26 kg

full absorption

  • Height 14cm
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Absorption time: 8 min
  • Volume 10l
  • Single chamber bags are recommended for the protection / drying of smaller areas such as doors, water shafts / wells, bathrooms and for drying of any premises.
  • E.g., to protect a door up to 100 cm from water up to a height of 25 cm, you need 6 pcs of bags.
  • Absorption time 8 minutes in case the bag is completely immersed in water.

2-chamber sack

in dry condition

  • Height 2cm
  • Weight 0,46 kg 

full absorption

  • Height 14cm
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Absorption time: 5 min
  • Volume 14l
  • The 2-chamber system allows stacking and creating a barrier or dam up to a height of 1m.
  • Metal eyelets for better manipulation or interconnection.
  • Use them to protect larger areas. E.g. to protect a garage or gate with a width of 3 meters, from the water to a height of 25 cm, you need 10 pieces of bags.
    Absorption time 5 minutes when the bag is completely immersed in water.

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